Turn your Journey Tag into a soft Eco Wrap.

Made using recycled tshirt material, your 90 cm wrap can be untied so that you can mix and match your tags and wraps.

But don't worry, these are not from our own sweaty tshirts, rather off cust in materail so size and length may slight vary.

You can even cut it down if you find it wraps too many times for your wrist, or wash the cord if you so desire.

You receive two coloured wraps with your combo, and you can purchase more seperately.

Diamond Run Eco Wrap

1st Eco Wrap Colour
2nd Eco Wrap Colour
  • As each letter or picture is hand stamped/painted no two items are exactly the same. We do not use stamping or engraving machines therefore letters may not perfectly line up.

  • $3 from the sale of this item will be dontated to PANDA AUST

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