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Do you forget to read your affirmations because they are in a book beside your bed nor do you want them on full display for others to see?

We are the same, that's why we are launching our affirmation decals for your mirror.

You'll go from never reading them to reading them at least a couple of times a day without changing your routines.

You'll read them whilst you brush your teeth, put your make on, do your hair, your nightly beauty routine or even those times you are giving yourself a pep talk.

How to apply

  • Clean your surface and allow to dry
  • Run a plastic card such as an ATM card over the decal top remove any bubbles
  • Peel off the backing paper
  • Place the sticky side of the decal against the mirror and use the same plastic card to run over the decal a few times
  • Slowly peel the clear tape away from the mirror

If you see a letter has not stuck whilst you peel away the clear tape, stop immediately, place the tape back on the mirror and run the plastic card against it again.

Mirror Decals

Removable but not re useable

Size - Solid 10 mm height max 125 mm length

$1 from the sale of this item will be donated to SilverHopes charity of the month

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